How can I raise the "max allowed packet" setting for MySQL?

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Where can I change the default "max allowed packet" setting for MySQL? My Drupal site (and several of my customer's sites) have problems related to this setting being too low. Drupal's requirements recommend setting it to at least 16Mb. How can I change this setting?

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How to change the standard 5Mb setting for max_allowed_packet for MySQ
Several of my Drupal sites require an max_allowed_packet setting for MySQL of at least 16Mb. The currently set standard of 5Mb is too low. Where can I change this? I'm the owner of a reseller account.

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Hello lelivero, Thank you for contacting us about changing the default value for "max allowed packet". I advise trying to update that setting in your PHP configuration. Let us know if that works or if you have any further questions. Best, Christopher M.

Thank you for your question on changing the max_allowed_packet size for your account. That setting is modified in the my.cnf file. To modify that file, you would need to be on a VPS or Dedicated server and have root access.

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