WHMCS Not Responding

  • Answered
My WHMCS still keep loading its more than an hour it still loading a admin page and it hase same behaviour for clinet area. While my other client sites are working normal. Problem is in my sub domain on which WHMCS is istalled.
I don't kow what went wrong with WHMCS before it was working fine. I did not update anything that cause it not responding.
Hello mashhoodgee, Thank you for submitting a question about WHMCS Not Responding. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WHMCS displaying. If other sites and pages on the same server are displaying, then it would not be the server itself. As this is an account specific issue, you will need to provide sensitive information to proceed. You do not want to do that here, so we advise that you contact the Live Support team. Kindest Regards, Scott M