Editing problem with BoldGrid

  • Answered
I can successfully edit text with my default browser, Firefox, on my desktop computer. However, when I attempt the same task with my laptop no go. Eg. I try to use the visual editor customizing header/footer widgets. On my desktop I can highlight text and make the appropriate changes. On the laptop, although I can view the text in the text editor I cannot select text and can't even use the scroll bar on the side. I tried using a usb mouse instead of the trackpad, but that made no difference. I can successfully edit text with the Edge browser on the laptop. Are there any additional plug ins or extensions required in Firefox? Both computers are running Windows 10 Pro.
Any ideas? Thank you.


Thank you for your question regarding BoldGrid. Have you updated your FireFox to the latest version? It may be possible that you have an extension installed that is preventing BoldGrid from working properly. Have you tried running the browser in Safe Mode?

Best Regards,
TJ Edens