Ajax Feature Not Loading

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I have a weird issue. I have two domains, both have the same wordpress version and theme installed. both are hosted at in motion. one domain loads ajax with no issue, the other domain doesnt. there is no errors given when enabling ajax within the theme options. here's the working domain www.specialistmusicgroup.com and here is the one that doesnt load ajax www.specialistradio.com the ajax feature is there so that the player can continuously play as you navigate the website. Any ideas what could be causing the issue?
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello djace,

Thank you for contacting us about ajax not working in your site. I see the music is working as you described it should work in specialistmusicgroup.com, it continues to play even when you navigate through the site. And I also see how the music is not playing at all in the other domain.

Have you tried re-installing the theme in the domain that does not play the music?

Christopher M.