Issue after the Firefox 45.0.1 Update

  • Answered
When clicking thorough the NAV menu on my website (http://www.***********.com/about/), after several clicks, the blue picture on the top makes a short white flash during transition from one page to another. This is not observed in Chrome or IE. I did also tests on my old XP where was Firefox 43 (all was ok), updated to 44.0.2 (still all was fine), once updated to Firefox 45.0.1 the white flash is there. My default PC is Z-book form HP.

I have no idea if it is a temporary issue with Firefox that will be soon fixed, or whether is it something that needs to be fixed on my website.

Thank you for your advice.

Hello Stefan, Thank you for contacting us about an issue with Firefox flashing when navigating menus. I tested this in Firefox, and do see the white flash. It does not seem to be causing any problems with the site, and seems to be caused when then the page refreshes/reloads. It may be the background color being white, then taking a moment to load in firefox. As a test, you may want to try changing the background color. Since it seems confined to the Firefox browser, you may want to consider posting in their support forums, to see if others are experiencing issues. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul