Uploaded file does not open properly

  • Answered
When uploading a file to my website, it will not open when accessed from CPanel or via a link on one of the website pages. What opens is a screenshot of the computer window containing the file in my computer. It is as if my whole computer is accessed by the link instead of just the uploaded file. Only the uploaded file appears to be in the directory and has the correct name. Any ideas for a fix?
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about uploaded files not opening properly. I would be interested to know which Internet browser you are using when trying to access those files. It is possible that when you try to open the file in the browser, the browser thinks you want to download the file. It is unlikely that when the PDF file is accessed a screenshot of your computer displays. That would definitely be strange behavior. Bear in mind, the cPanel File Manager is primarily meant for uploading and downloading files that will be accessed through your web site. Thanks for your question! Best, Christopher M.