Wordpress themes missing from add-on domain (except for 2014-2016)

  • Answered
I installed Wordpress yesterday to an add-on domain and it was apparently successful. I have been able to add pages and customize the 2016 theme. The problem is that when I click on "Add New" to look at all the possible themes available, nothing appears! I want to change the theme. Thanks for your help.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress displaying themes. I took a look inside and I could not even see the dashboard menu on the left hand side. I checked permissions and they were fine. I also checked the plugins folder and only saw a single third party plugin. I did not disable it to see if it was the problem, though that is something you may want to do. I did see that your php version is low, you may want to set it to a higher version, at least 5.6 for the WordPress version you are running. I then did a quick WordPress install into a test folder to see if the new instance would have the same issues. It did not, it was fine. Seeing as your installation is new without content, you may want to simply remove it and reinstall it. This should take care of any issues and allow you to start fresh without any possible hidden corrupt files. Kindest Regards, Scott M