Switch domain that my wordpress is using?

  • Answered
I have installed wordpress successfully on one of inmotion's local servers I guess (it gave me this IP for the host I have an existing weebly website that is currently pointed to a domain I have registered at GoDaddy. My question is once I get my newly installed WP all migrated over from weebly is it possible to switch over my wordpress to use my domain at GoDaddy.com? Please let me know if any additional info would be helpful and thanks in advance for your time!
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about switching your domain for your WordPress site. Your request is not totally clear, but it sounds like you have a domain at GoDaddy pointed to Weebly and a new WordPress site with us. If that is correct then you can certainly point your GoDaddy domain to your new WordPress site hosted with us whenever you're ready. If you want to see what your site looks like on our server before pointing the domain you can do a hosts file modification. Best, Christopher M.