Only Wordpress Admin email recognized

  • Answered
Hi, I'm using the Frontier Post plugin on Wordpress. It allows me to send an email to multiple email accounts, however, the email is only going to the Wordpress Admin account, not the other two email accounts. This functionality was working at one time, but has now stopped working. I've checked with the plugin developer and nothing has changed to make this stop working. I've been reading a lot of stuff, but don't understand it well enough to determine how to solve my problem. BTW We are not using Inmotion Hosting email services. We are a government agency so we use government email accounts (through Google). Our domain is Our website domain is different and is Does anyone have any ideas about how to solve this? Is it a Wordpress issue or a Google issue or an Inmotion issue?

Thank you!
Hello Gail, Sorry to hear about the mail sending issues with your WordPress plugin. The email should send from the server as opposed to sending from your email account, so your email accounts should be ruled out automatically. You will need to have our Live Support team take a look as they can check the server email logs to see whether or not all three emails are indeed being sent. If they are all being sent, then the issue would be outside our network. If only the single email is being sent, then it would be something either on the server or within the plugin configuration. They do need to rule out the server as a first step, however. Kindest Regards, Scott M