w3tc W3 Total Cache does not recognize my OpCache. OPcode blurred out

  • Answered
I am running WP with W3TC.

I can't choose opcode caching for W3TC even though opcache has been installed. It seems as if there is a problem recognizing the opcache, so the VPS opcode caching such as Alternatice PHP Cache (APC) are blurred out and not possible to use.

What should I do because it is set to disk:enhanced now and I believe that it can be faster with opcode caching.

Do you guys know something about this?

I am really thankful for help and can provide more info if needed!
Hello, Thank you for your question on W3 Total cache and OpCache. While we do not have any examples of your current setup, we did find information from the plugin owner that may interest you. Kindest Regards, Scott M