Wordpress - Dashboard - You do not have sufficient permissions! Gah!

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Hello Community Support,
I really need some help with a frustrating Wordpress issue that I have been unable to resolve.

Earlier this week, InMotion detected a security breach on one of my four WP sites and took them down. They were able to restore them from a 9/19 backup so I could go through them, remove outdated themes/plugins/etc.

public_html (main account site) = Everything OK!
sub_domain#1site.com = Everything OK!
sub_domain#2site.com = Everything OK!
sub_domain#3site.org = Problem!

All files/users/content/plugins/etc appear to have been restored correctly on all four Wordpress installations. All 4 sites display correctly to the outside world after updating a few folder perms.

The Problem - I am getting the infamous "You Do Not Have Sufficient Permissions to access this page" when attempting to get to /wp-admin/profile.php.

>> This is ONLY happening with site#3.org. All the other wordpress installation admin pages can be accessed normally.
>> The admin account DOES logon though. If I navigate to the site#3.org main page, the admin account does show as logged on (top right toolbar).
>> The top toolbar also shows my theme settings (iFeaturePro) options link. If I click the theme options, I am able to get to the administration menus... BUT the Dashboard / Home / Updates links at the top left of the page are missing entirely. O.o
>> Any administration links above "Posts" are not displayed or accessible.
>> I am able to add/deactivate plugins and make other administrative changes on the admin menu panel.

Admin Page View - Dashboard/Updates links missing at top left.

I've opened multiple tickets with InMotion and reviewed several suggestions on other sites, but have been unable to get this resolved so far.

>> Checked Folder / File permissions... problem remains.
>> .htaccess - renamed current file, copied in .htaccess from main public_html folder, problem persists. Reverted back to original .htaccess.
>> Plugins - Deactivated all. Problem persists. Deleted and reinstalled all plugins. Problem persists.
>> Dumped browser caches and reproduced issue on separate browser.
>> Second admin account - InMotion created a second admin account and received the same results, could not see the Dashboard/Home/Updates links on the top left of page.
>> Renamed wp-admin and wp-includes folders (wp-content untouched), FTP upload fresh wp-admin and wp-includes. Still unable to access Dashboard correctly or see links.

>>MySQL Database
Ran database check - https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/databases/check-repair-database
All tables Check Status OK

Reviewed these suggestions. Prefix is already set to wp_ and matches tables.

wp_usermeta > wp_capabilities = a:1:{s:13:"administrator";s:1:"1";}
Attempted a recommended change to "a:1:{s:13:"administrator";b:1;}" but problem remains, reverted back to original.


I did originally have the plugin Shareaholic installed but deleted it from all four sites after they were restored. I am unsure why site#3.org is the only one that has reference to it in the wp_usermeta table or if that is an issue?

Anyone see anything glaring in wp_usermeta that I have missed or have any recommendations on where to look?

Thank you very much for your help!
Hello Roger,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress site. Unfortunately without specific domain names, I am unable to take a look at which one is doing what. I also would need admin information, which of course you do not want to address here in a public area. You may want to restore a personal backup of your sites dated prior to 9/19 and start over. It is odd that a abckup would cause any issues unless there was some corruption in either the files or the database. Also, when support restored the sites, did they just restore the files or were the databases also restored? They would have to have been specifically requested to have done so.

Have you checked the WordPress forums to see if someone else has had a similar issue that was resolved?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M