Having trouble logging into my wordpress now

  • Answered
I have tried numerous ways of logging into my wordpress and nothing is working. I've tried using all my emails as the user name and none of them work. I've tried using other user names that I have with inmotion and wordpress and nothing works. I've watched some of the videos and followed those steps and it's not working. I did delete my first set up of wordpress so I could start over, so I don't know if that screwed everything up or not. I need some help with this. Thanks Traci
Hello, I apologize that you are having issues logging into your dashboard. There are many ways to reset your WordPress password which we can do for your as well if you our a customer of ours if you contact our support department. Please remember you need to log in with a username not an email address. Generally unless you changed it to something different your username will be admin by default. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Best Regards, TJ Edens