host website without dns, just IP

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We have an account under my email address [email protected] and we have an account for hosting a site on the address

We have run into a bit of an issue that we are unable to DNS direct this subdomain due to the above domains DNS setup which we have no control over.

We have been asked can we have a fixed IP address for the web hosting for this that we can set that subdomain too and then your hosting responds to that URL on that fixed IP?

DNS change for the subdomain seems to be not able to be done at all as mentioned but they are able to change the IP of that domain.
Hello Dparish,

DNS can be a very complex situation depending on what exactly you are trying to do. How is the DNS setup, through your host or through a third party provider such as DynDNS? What subdomain are you looking to setup?

Best Regards,
TJ Edens