Considering migrating from Prestashop back to Opencart.

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Because of many problems with Prestashop platforms, I am considering going back to OpenCart. I need you to consider the following question very carefully. Please check for me the following:
One of the things I like about Prestashop as opposed to the OpenCart platform I had in 2012 was on the product page. In Prestashop, the combinations generator is great. Does the most recent 2.0 Opencart have something like that?

Also, in Prestashop you are able to set it up so that on the product pages every different pattern,color, style has its own image and changes when the customer clicks on different styles.
If I remember clearly, Opencart does not do that.

Can you confirm, very important feature.

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for your questions on OpenCart 2.0. We currently do not have any content on that version. Our 1.5 content was designed to work with our design customers as they used OpenCart for the ecommerce sites they developed.

However due to limitations and other issues with OpenCart, they have switched over to WooCommerce for WordPress. This means content for OpenCart 2.0 will be slow in coming as we do not have any design clients that use it.

As to your specific questions on the features, we do not yet know as we have done no testing or investigation on the product. Generally speaking, OpenCart was not nearly as robust as PrestaShop, in fact the OpenCart 2.0 visually looks like it borrowed heavily from PrestaShop.

If you are willing to work more closely with the OpenCart forums to work through issues you will come across, you may want to give it a shot. While we will give it our best shot within our knowledge of OpenCart, we just will not be focusing on that as much. If you can, you may want to stick with PrestaShop since you have come as far as you have.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M