Mysql server errors in server

  • Answered
I get the following errors in all domains of VPS:,,

The error is not persistent, but happens quite frequently

mysql_query(): Unable to save result set
Empty row packet body
mysql_query(): MySQL server has gone away
mysql_query(): Error reading result set's header
Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=11573
Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=12137

max-allowed-packet= 1073741824
connect_timeout= 60
Hello balance3840, Thank you for contacting us about MySQL errors on your site. This is most likely happening when you use up all your MySQL connections. While you can increase the amount of available MySQL connections in WHM (with root), it will not address the coding problem that is causing the connections to stay open. You can view the connections if you SSH into your server and run this command:
mysqladmin pr
Then, I recommend adjusting your code to terminate the connections after PHP has executed the query. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul