What happens if I go over bandwidth limits?

  • Answered
I'm not sure. But if I use the service bandwidth is how much I have to pay more? Actually, I accept to pay for more bandwidth because I do not want to be blocked bandwidth in mid month =)


Thank you for your question on bandwidth. With our Shared level plans, there is unlimited bandwidth, so there is no worries about going over. With VPS and Dedicated plans, should you go over, you usually get a notice, but are not disconnected unless it is extreme. However, if it is noticed that you go over the bandwidth regularly, you will need to upgrade to the next level for more bandwidth allowance.

We understand that you can also have special events at times that may cause you to go over the regular bandwidth. Just stay in communication about these instances and our Systems team can work with you on that.

You can also learn more about how we define the use of bandwidth in our Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth article. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M