Point old URLs to new website

  • Answered
I am currently hosting BlackCreekPrecision.com on my VPS1000 account with InMotion.
My client has an old url, GPIGun.com, hosted by GoDaddy that he would like to have the website (not email) directed to BlackCreekPrecision.com.
I believe what I need to do is the following:
1) Update GoDaddy's DNS (for GPIGun.com) record @ (not mail or mx) to (same IP listed in InMotion Zone File for BlackCreekPrecision.com)

Not 100% sure what to do next. I assume I will want to update my cPanel to have traffic for GPIgun.com to direct to BlackCreekPrecision. Would this be handled by doing an Addon Domain and having the Document Root the same as blackcreekprecision?

Hello Ryan, Thank you for your question. There are several ways to accomplish this, but I recommend:
  1. Redirect the old domain to the new domain via .htaccess
  2. Create a subdomain, for example. mail.gpiun.com
  3. Create A record for mail.gpiun.com pointing to their mailserver
  4. Point the MX record for GPIGun.com to mail.gpiun.com
  5. Allow time for the changes to propagate.
If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul