SSL in Reseller Accounts

  • Answered
Hi, I have a reseller account w/ various sites hosted. One of them (a Joomla site running Virtuemart) wants to get an SSL certificate so they can do processing. Can you recommend the best next step for me as the developer? Specifically, I don't understand the following:

* Can they just use the shared SSL, or would they need their own SSL (I *think* their own would be best, but am not sure)?

* I know my entire reseller account has its own dedicated IP, but would I need to get that one domain its own dedicated IP as well?

* Where is the *easiest* way for me to get the SSL cert & have it installed on the server? And, how much would that cost?
Hello, Thank you for your question on SSL in Reseller Accounts. It is always best to use a dedicated SSL for a site. The largest reason is that the SSL will have a very cryptic URL instead of using the domain name. There are a few steps involved in setting this up.
  1. You will need a dedicated IP address for the domain. You can order this through your AMP.
  2. Next you will want create a CSR prior to ordering the SSL. You will need it to place the order.
  3. Next, you will want to purchase the SSL for the domain via the InMotion Store.
  4. Once purchased and received, you will need to install it to the domain via your WHM.
Please let us know if you have any issues along the way. Kindest Regards, Scott M