Why is my website not able to be found?

  • Answered
I just inherited an inmotion account from my employer and I changed the domain name earlier today. After I changed the domain name I installed Wordpress with Softaculous. Wordpress installed correctly, but now when I go to visit my website it says it can not be found. I went through and checked my wp-config.php file and all of the names match the MySQL database name and there are no capitals. I am confused as to how my website is still not able to be found. Is it because I changed my domain name so recently? Please help! Thanks!!
Hello EminemSlimHaley, Sorry to hear that you're not seeing your domain name. The good news is that the problem is most likely that you simply need to wait for the domain name to be recognized on the internet. The delay is typically called DNS propagation- this is the period of delay it takes for DNS changes to be recognized on the internet. Normally, its a fairly brief period but it may last up to 24 hours. Also, if you did not register the new domain name, you will need to do this before it can be recognized on the internet. Check out our documentation on registering a new domain name. You can do this within the Account Management Panel (AMP) for the hosting account. You also do have the option to install or adjust WordPress to use the temporary URL for the account. I don't recommend it, because you'd have to go back and change it BACK to the domain name once propagation expires. However, if you're trying to meet a deadline, then you might want to consider it. I hope this clarifies the issue! If you need any further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.