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I've uploaded my backup- Now what?
I'm switching hosting from Bluehost to InMotion. I created a backup, then used FileZilla to upload the file to my InMotion account. What do I need to do next?
cPanel backup upload not working
Hello, I have uploaded my cPanel backup file 2GB three times via cPanel enviroment. There is nothing. How can I upload and renew? How can I do it via ftp? Can you renew it for me, cause I need it. Just paying hosting and ... nothing.
Request restoration of full cPanel backup
Please be DirectAdmin control panel to transfer the site to Cpanel What should I do?
Website FTP upload from Cpanel Backup
Ok, I have backed up the COMPLETE site using Cpanel on my existing server and have downloaded the backup file to my computer. I have setup a new domain account and don't know how to FTP the backup onto my new account. Read everything I could find but more confused.
cpanel full backup and restore - new hosting account
Two questions on cpanel ->cpanel backup and restore:
Will this also back up all SSH information, or will I be required to manually reconfigure?
Should I install all wordpress themes and plugins before restoring my old full cpanel backup to inmotion?

Thanks in advance.
How can I restore a site without a backup?
Deleted public_html files so I could just copy all the files in www folder, didn't realize it deleted everything. I never made a backup, is their anything I can do?
Might I be lucky enough that it's stored somewhere, cached in my browser, etc..
How To update the Website From FileZilla Backup Files?

I have a website which has been uploaded from a cpanel tar gz backup and is operational but the backup is a year old.

What is the best way to restore a website from backup?

Hello, we accidentally deleted content from the primary sidebar in our wordpress website. Is this information automatically archived , or backed up for us ?

Restore Full Backup via WHM/Cpanel
Hi Scott,
Somehow I have managed to get the full-backup of the site back. Now First of all, how could I have deleted my whole data in public_html, database is as it is for phpMyAdmin.
Now, how could I RESTORE THE BACKUP, via CPANEL / WHM.
How to restore a backup from a home directory?

I have a large backup file from my previous hosting company. It's too big to restore with CPanel. I uploaded it to my home directory. How do I restore it from my server's home directory? This is supposed to be possible with WHM, but is missing in my account. And in CPanel this feature is disabled and says to enable it in WHM, but there is no option to do that in WHM. I know I can open a ticket to do that, but I have a few accounts and want to do it myself if possible.

Arnel C
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Thanks for your question in regards to updating your website from Filezilla.  If you have a complete cPanel backup then you should be able to update the entire installation.  If you're talking about updating incrementally (as in, a small part of the installation), then you need to be more specific of what you're trying to bring across.  For example, if you have a database that you're exporting, then you could export to an SQL file and then update the database on the server currently hosting your site.

The cPanel restore is for the entire instance of hosting that you're using, so updating pieces of your website, you will need to focus on the elements (the files, databases, graphics, etc) that make up your site directly.

I hope this helps to answer your question. If you need further assistance, please let us know!

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.

Chris M
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If you have a VPS account, you may want to log into WHM as the "root" user. This can unlock options that are blocked to the normal WHM/cPanel user account. The option, in WHM, should be nested under BackupRestore a Full Backup/cpmove File. If this feature is still not available to you, you'd be best advised to contact live support for guidance. They can advise you on steps you can take yourself to replicate the procedure for your other accounts.



Thanks for posting your question regarding uploading your backup to your new account. I'm sorry to see you're having difficulties. We do have an article for uploading files to your account. That should help you to get the backup uploaded.

Once you've uploaded the backup, you'll want to review our article for submitting a data restoration request, to restore the entire cPanel account. Be sure to note in the "additional comments" section or your request that this is a full cPanel backup and whether or not you wish to have the backup overwrite the account when it is restored.

Unfortunately, without root access, a full cPanel backup can not be restored. However, our Support team should be able to assist via the method outlined above. I hope this helps!


Carlos E

Hello Mardane, Thank you for your request for the restoration of your cPanel backup. You will need to either upload the backup file into your account, or provide remote access to the file for our tech support department. You will then need to submit a verified support ticket detailing your request to restore your cPanel on your account. Our support team can then perform the restoration for you. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about next steps after uploading your backup. Now you can submit a ticket to Live Support. They can review your account, grab the backup, and perform the restoration. Best, Christopher M.

Hello jcphotos,

Thank you for contacting us about restoring a full cPanel backup. A complete cPanel backup should include everything as far as your website files and emails. I am happy to assist you, but could you provide more information on the specific changes you manually made via SSH?

I don't recommend installing/customizing anything (including WordPress themes/plugins) before restoring a full cPanel backup, since it will overwrite the account files.

Thank you,


Hello [email protected], Thank you for your question on cPanel backups. If you need a backup restored I would suggest contacting our support department and requesting so via a ticket. Please keep in mind that this will wipe everything on the account and start it from what is contained in the backup. You may also request a backup copy of its current state prior to the restore as well. Best Regards, TJ Edens

Hello abhisheikhs,

Thank you for contacting us. If you are hosted with us, we can help you Restore your backup.

I looked your domain up and noticed it is hosted with GoDaddy, then I found their guide on migrating your cPanel from HostGator.

This should be a similar process when restoring your backup.

It is difficult to say how you deleted your files, since I could not find an account on our servers. Normally, I could check the logs for problems, and help narrow down the cause.

If you were working via SSH, it can be easy to delete files/databases en masse.

Thank you,



Hello [email protected],

Thank you for your question regarding restoring a backup! There are a few types of backups, so we would need to clarify that before proceeding. If you're trying to restore a full cPanel backup, then you would need to use the ticket portal in AMP to submit a ticket, as that will need to be handled by the Systems team. A partial backup in cPanel can be restored through cPanel. Check out this article for more details on that issue. There are also Database Backups and Backing up and Restoring websites using Softaculous. I am unable to find an account associated with your Support Center login, so I cannot verify what kind of backup you may be trying to restore. However, you can simply use the search functionality within the Support Center, or go to a search engine like Google and associate your search with InMotion Hosting (for example: "restore backups + InMotion Hosting") in order to find more specific articles to your needs.

I hope this helps to point you in the right direction. Please let us know if you require any further information or assistance.


Arnel C.

Tim S.
Hi MmOokamiP, Thanks for posting your question. I'm sorry you removed your website. I'm more than happy to assist you. We store one backup that runs every 24 to 36 hours. We may have a copy of the site, however, if the backups for the evening have already run, it may be too late. I've touched base with my tech support to see if we could restore your website from a backup. We renamed your current public_html folder to public_html_old and placed the backup that we had in the public_html folder. You live site should now be displaying the backed up contents of the folder we had on file. If this is not what you want, you can rename the current public_html to publice_html_backup and then rename your public_html_old file to public_html and it should restore the contents of what you placed there after you deleted everything. Please keep in mind, we recommend that you maintain your own regular backups, especially if you are working with files and deleting them. While we do maintain backups, we cannot guarantee we will have one to restore for you in the future. Here's an article on backing up your website: Backing up your website I hope this helps! If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S