AutoSSL not auto renewing expired certificates.

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Each individual website I setup has its own cPanel account using WHM. This allows easy access in case I wanted to share it with developers or clients as well as some added benefits such as AutoSSL. Unfortunately, it appears that some SSLs are not so "auto" after all. In some cases, when they expire I don't receive any notification until a client calls to inform me that their site is appearing as "unsecured." Is there a way to 1) set up the SSL certificates to auto-renew to prevent this issue or 2) inform me before a certificate is going to expire? This would help save many headaches in the future. 

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Got an email saying AutoSSL could not renew for my domain, and that I must take action. What action do I need to take, please?

InMotion hosts my domain. I received a no-reply email that the AutoSSL certificate is expiring tomorrow, and that I must "take action". Please help, what needs to be done? Who needs to do it? Thanks!

Arnel C
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Hello Info,

Sorry for the issues with the non-renewing expired certificates.  We would need to view the account in order to troubleshoot the issue.  You should be able to manage both the automatic certificate renewal and notifications of expiring certificates through the WHM (Manage AutoSSL) interface.  If you're not logging in as the root user you will not see it.  If the settings are properly set and you still have the problem, then I recommend that you contact our live technical support team for additional assistance.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,

Arnel C.