When useing Temp URL Warning appears

  • Answered
Warning Suspicious webpage blocked - This pops up on a couple of seperate accounts - both on temp urls (sites in development ) and when accessing setting user profile. Im guessing this is because temp urls funciton in a redirect maner that would cause concern for site protection software. Is this typical or should it be a concern?
Thank you for your question jimii! It's difficult to say why you are getting the pop up. Is it your local computers AntiVirus program? The temp url is not using any redirects to make your site load. It uses the username with the server hostname. Its possible the program is confusing your site with another site on the server since there are many accounts that share the same IP. We would need to replicate where the error occurs. You can contact tech support to have them look at your specific account to see if its is a false positive or not. Because this is a public forum you will not want to put your personal information here. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, James R