May I use different CMS's on different website/domains in my account?

  • Answered
I am moving towards using wordpress more and more, but am currently more comfortable with the premium website design CMS. Can I use both at the same time on different domains/websites, under the same account. This way I can experiment and learn with wordpress while keeping my other website functional with the website design, till I am more comfortable with wordpress.
Thank you for your question a68riz! You can create subdomains or you can add domains in the addon domains and install whatever software you want with softaculous. For example, you can have a subdomain with wordpress installed on it. You can then make a and install drupal on that and so forth. As long as you have the databases available you can install multiple CMS programs on your account. Best Regards, James R
Hi a68riz, The simple answer is, Yes, you can install more than one CMS onto your account. Going forward, be sure that you have a solid understanding of the differences between addon domains, parked domains, and sub domains. After that, feel free to use Softaculous to install and test different programs. I hope that helps! Thanks, - Brad