Help creating my website. I have no knowledge of coding.something simple/ drop&drag.

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I created a simple web site with MS Frontpage.I have left MS & need to create a new site. I'm now with In Motion with a wordpress/Joomla/Drupal/PremBldr. option. Which all seem too complex.Looking for a simple drop & drag with a layout page (2-3 collum)& design my own header. Other than that I would like to have a photo box that rotates my images.(like in my picasa). Please recommend a simple software that is compatable with
in motion hosting.(MS Frontpage is NOT) Also, does my new web software have to be W/Press, DP orJ to be uploaded to In Motion ? or can I buy a Best Buy web kit that would work???
Hi agapepets! If you're looking around for software to build your website with, I would recommend either using our Premium Website Builder or WordPress. The Premium Website Builder is very easy to use, while WordPress has just a bit higher of a learning curve but can give you much more functionality. Take a look at our documentation on both topics, and keep us updated if you have any further questions: Option 1. Premium Website Builder Option 2. WordPress Thanks! - Brad