How do I Force Webmail and Cpanel to https?

  • Answered
I've successfully forced https for my web content by editing the .htaccess file, but not for Inmotion-standard web pages such as webmail or cpanel. Any idea how to do this?

Hello chrispo,

Thank you for your question regarding forcing https for webmail and cPanel. If you have a VPS or Dedicated server with root access, you can require SSL for all cPanel ports in WHM (WHM > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings > Redirection).

If you are on a shared server you can force the individual pages using .htaccess. If you are using a CMS such as WordPress you should use a plugin or extension for handling the redirection. Keep in mind on shared, that users can still access over the non-secure port (such as and there is no way to block this.

Thank you,