Having problems visiting my site on server

  • Answered
Yes I am having difficulties with the site loading at https://www.kdtechnology.tech and http://www.kdsupport.info. What happens is that when we are working on pages or trying to log in we get a "can not connect error". It does not happen all the time, but periodically while we are working on the site. So it may load for you sometimes but there are times where it will tell us that it can not connect to the server. My partner and I are in two different states and we are not with the same ISP, so I know that it can not be an isp issues. Any help or feed back would be appreciated on this issue.


Don Houston
Hello Don, Thank you for question about WordPress connectivity issues. It's possible there could be some caching problems. Are you using any caching plugins? We have a full guide on common WordPress troubleshooting techniques that could be a good start as far as isolating where the issue could be stemming from. Best, Christopher M.