Correct path to install SCORM files to Moodle

  • Answered
The direction to install SCORM files to Moodle is confusing. It says to open moodledata folder and then repository folder to install. The moodledata folder is empty, but there is a repository folder further down the hierarchy. Could someone please explain the correct path?

Hello OrangeSS,

Thank you for your question about locating the correct path for your Moodle SCORM installation. Here is a helpful link to our article on How to find the Document Root for your website.

The official guide on installing SCORM Cloud in Moodle states "The extracted folder is set up with the same folder structure as a standard Moodle installation to show you where to place the folders." So I recommend comparing the folders for similar names to locate the right place. There is a "search" option in the top right of your File Manager.

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