Problem when sending string through json to php server

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Good Evening,

I have a local host installed at my own machine and everything works fine. When I migrated the server php files to Inmotion, json stopped working. I thought it could be related to internet connection and I decided to upload the client files as well. The problem persisted.
I debugged and found:

String sent to server :

[{"vitima_id":1,"ocorrencia_id":1,"nome":"Bradesco","sexo":"Feminino","fase":"Pessoa em vida","iml":"Não encaminhado","paf":"nao","observacao":""}]

String received on server:



[{"vitima_id":1,"ocorrencia_id":1,"nome":"Bradesco","sexo":"Feminino","fase":"Pessoa em vida","iml":"Não encaminhado","paf":"nao","observacao":""

I have 10 tables being updated and only one worked. The issue is always at the end of transmission, missing characters and sometimes with the symbol "%" at the end.

Do we have to do some special configuration in php to correctly receive json strings from client side?

Thank you for contacting us about json and php issues in your server. I would be happy to investigate this further for you if you can provide some further information about your configuration in the server. Since we cannot troubleshoot your client-side configuration we need more data about what you think may be missing or broken in the server configuration.

Christopher M.