Server times out when uploading backups in cpanel

jenfrisby 5 years ago in Getting started / Website Transfers 0
My package is R-2000. I am not able to restore my cpanel backups for anything larger than 2G. I have already explored the online troubleshooting but none of that helped. I was to to upload the gunzip files into my /home/ directory and then let them know and they will restore them for me. But how do I upload them if the server keeps timing out? There is no way I'm FTPing files that large.

My server load has been in the mid-teens and 20's since I opened my account 2 days ago. I have a feeling I am on a server that is too busy.

Can someone please help me or move my account to a server with more resources so I can do a basic thing like restore a backup?
Hello jenfrisby, Thank you for your question on uploading files. You can contact support and request to be moved but the load is actually fine as the servers have more than 20 cpu cores in them. However cPanel does not allow large file uploads via the file manager so the only way to upload the big files would be via FTP. Best Regards, TJ Edens