I recently got an email from google notifying me that my site has been identified a 'dangerous site' and may contain malware. I have followed steps from inMotion help, but warning remains..

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I have followed steps from inMotion help; changed passwords, took down site and uploaded a clean backup, but my virus software still warns me that my site is a risk. Altho I cant find it in the code, when viewed online my homepage has 5 lines of web addresses in Mandarin at the bottom of page. Cant find a solution anywhere.. any thoughts? Thanks
Hi tatean, Has Google crawled the clean version of your site? When looking at Google's warning, it says: Of the 4 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 2 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2013-06-04, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2013-06-04. Did you clean up the hack after the 4th? The problem may be that Google has yet to crawl the site after you've cleaned up the site. Was your clean backup clean? You stated you uploaded a clean backup. After uploading your clean backup, did you still see the Mandarin links at the bottom of the page? If so, it doesn't appear your backup is so clean. How do I remove hacks from my site? The ultimate question now is, How do I clean a hack from my website? Once you've done this, Google will crawl your site, find it clean, and lift the warning. Here is Google's documentation on cleaning a site: Cleaning your site I checked your site, but all I see is, "Site temporarily down for troubleshooting". If you can respond back with which software you are using, such as WordPress or Joomla? We can try to point you in the right direction. Thanks, - Brad