I have a website, but want to update it to a Wordpress site. Do I need to transfer the site first, or do I build a new site then transfer to new site?

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I have a website hosted with someone else. It is very old. I want to update my site and redesign it in WordPress. How do I do that? Do I transfer my old site to InMotion, first?

InMotion Hosting Contributor
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Hello and thanks for contacting us. If you're to create a new WordPress site, I recommend this order:

  1. Create the new WordPress site on a hosting plan
  2. Change your hosts file to the new server IP so you can edit the website with it's correct domain instead of having to change the WordPress domain to a temporary URL (only to have to change it back)
  3. Migrate your old site data to the WordPress site (check for a WordPress migration plugin if you're using Wix, SquareSpace,etc.)
  4. Install security and SEO plugins (I recommend Cerber security, BBQ, and All in One SEO
  5. Once complete, change the A record (DNS record) for your domain to the new server IP
  6. If you need to transfer email as well, change the MX records to your new server or change the nameserver records.