Issues uploading images in WP

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I changed to your hosting a few days ago. Now I tried to upload a new picture to Media Library and I am not allowed to, get the following error comment:
Error expedition p…carena32.jpg Unable to create directory uploads/2015/04. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

I think it treats about permissions for uploads of images...might you please check that permissions for me in order to make that work?

So, I contacted your colleagues from tecnical support and they checked the server config, but told me that is not the problem. But to be true, before I never had issues running my site on godaddy servers, your team changed my website to your servers, and now uploads do not work anymore.
As your collegues from tech support couldn't help me out with a solution, they told me the following:

'You can also check with our Customer Community team, to see where else upload folder configuration may be changed. They are experts on using content management systems, and could provide more insight than Technical Support might - we only troubleshoot the hosting service, not site platforms.'

would be great if you can check that for me...

Thank you. Br, Alex
Hi Alex,

We ran into the same issue after migrating a few client sites over to inMotion. Your WordPress upload path may still be using your username from your old host and need to be changed to your cPanel username on inMotion.

We were able to resolve the issue by:
1) Logging into cPanel
2) Opening phpMyAdmin in the "Databases" section of cPanel.
3) In the left navigation, expand the drop down menu and choose the WordPress database for your site.
4) Look for the "wp_options" table in your database.
5) Within the "wp_options" table, click the edit button to change the "option _value" field for "upload_path" to:

Hope that helps.

Hello Alex, Thank you for your question about uploading images in WordPress. I found many results for this error, so there are several things you can check. I found many people were able to upload successfully after specifying the upload folder in WordPress. I know you attempted to check them already, but I want to include this information since most guides recommend checking your permissions. You can check view and modify your file/folder permissions at any time. Enabling WordPress Debugging may provide a more detailed error message. I have seen instances where Regenerating Thumbnails helped after migrating a WordPress site to our servers. We also have a guide that explains Common WordPress Troubleshooting Techniques. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul