Issue: My site listing when plugged into search engine

  • Answered
Hello there,
I am having an issue with the way my site is shown when someone is looking for it using a search engine.
If you type my site name into the main window for web addresses, it takes you to my site, no problem.
BUT, if you type my site name into the search box, it'll bring up options from the search, like my site (along with my LinkedIn page, Facebook Biz page, etc), but what it shows for my main site instead of the name I have for my site is "#FFFFFF"

Can anyone explain why this is, and what I can do to change it so it shows the proper name for my site?
Thanks for any help! :)
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your site display in the search engine. I checked with Google and it displays fine, but with Bing, I see the #FFFFFF you mentioned. Looking at the source code using View Source it shows your title tag as #FFFFFFF so you will want to look at the code and ensure the title field is set correctly. Kindest Regards, Scott M