Migrate web site to new corporate name - domain

  • Answered
My company has changed names. This is the current name - NameORIG. They want to change the domain name (URL) to the new corporate name NameNEW on our shared InmotionHosting Joomla site.

Question – is this advisable? Can NameNEW be set up as an AddOn domain? Concerned about the SEO aspects. NameNEW would be set to noindex no follow until testing is complete. Once complete, a permanent redirect of NameORIG to NameNEW and remove the no index no follow in NameNEW. The web site pages between NameORIG and NameNEW will not be changed-only the domain name in NameNEW.

NameORIG will be changed to forward or pass through customers to NameNEW.

However, by definition, NameORIG is still the primary and NameNEW is secondary based on it being an AddOn.

If you would like to go the route of installing a new joomla installation yes you can do that. The new domain can be set as an addon domain then you would just setup a 301 redirect from NameOrig.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens