VPS services failing continually over the last 24 hours

  • Answered
Over the past 24 hours, various services have failed on my VPS 3 times. These include exim, mysql, ftp, http, etc which is affecting the uptime of the websites on the vps. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Is this due to the weather or is there some way I can figure out why these services are failing - logs I can check?
Hello d3solutions, This would not be due to the weather in any way, however I am not able to relay specific account information over these forums to protect your account and privacy. I would suggest contacting our technical support department for further investigation of the matter. If you have root access you can view the following log locations: FTP - /var/log/messages Exim - /var/log/maillog Http - /usr/local/apache/log/error_log MySql - /var/lib/mysql/vpsxxx.inmotionhosting.com.err Best Regards, TJ Edens