SQL Sever connection problems

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I am having intermittent problems with MySQL. I get frequent 500 server configuration Apache errors on my domains. When I use PHPMyAdmin to directly access my databases I get errors such as "#2006 MySQL Server has gone away." and "No tables found in database." Many times refreshing the browser clears the problem, but these errors are persistent and reproduce-able.

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with an inMotion tech last night with this issue, and he too was able to reproduce the errors, yet had no clue as to the cause. He talked to a tier 2 engineer for a bit, but got nowhere. I asked him to open a ticket to get this resolved, but I have not received any notification that a ticket was opened. Please resolve the issue with MySQL on my VPS.

I recently migrated my server from a shared business plan to a VPS, and your engineers made several changes during the process. The errors above became much more frequent when the PHP version was set to 5.5. I do need to have Opcode caching, which is why engineer set it to 5.5.

Also, is my VPS located in your west coast or east coast data center? When I do a traceroute it looks like west coast. I need it to be on the east coast, as I have a lot of customers in Europe. If it is on the west cost please put in a ticket to move it.

My primary domain is johnjackson.info -- VPS14375

Many thanks!
John Jackson
Hello John, Sorry for the problems with the MySQL server. In this case you have done the right thing by contacting the live technical support team. They have escalated to a higher level tech team through a support ticket. You will see responses to the support ticket through email. Since the matter is already in the system, the issue will be closed in the support center. If you have any further questions or comments to add to the issue, please email the live support team. Make sure to reference the support ticket (#2071542). Thanks for your patience! If you do have any further questions or comment, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.