Wordpress homepage doesnt finnish loading

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Dear Support-Team,

my website is www.i-am-that.de When typing in the url and pressing enter, you might see on chrome or firefox, that the website is not finnishing the loading, except if you click a second time on the url and press enter againt. The site was originally modified on Mamp local server, I believe to have deleted all localhost-entries.
Do you haven any idea how to resolve this problem?
Best, Denisa
Hello Denisa,

With the way the site is acting, it looks like the problem may be a php script that is not executing properly, or a mysql query that is taking a long time. You may want to test a 'Hello World' file to see if that works. If so, then the issue is with the application itself (likely php and/or mysql query issue as mentioned before.)

As I cannot see into the server itself, you may want to check with your host on identifying the exact process that seems to be taking forever.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M