after i uploaded my website..i see message every time i check my pages

  • Answered
after i uploaded my website & moving between pages, i see this message -(The page at says: load_complete) ... Why ?
can any one help please !!?
dear John, thanks so much for your help, it worked out and solved my problem.
but now the containers are appears when i move the mouse on any of them !!
kindly let me know how to solve it, i appreciate your great help & i apologize about any disturbances
Hello, Unfortunately we do not have enough information to give an advice. Are you using a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla? You may give the website name when asking a question as it will not display publicly and we can use it to assist in troubleshooting. Or, you can also contact our Live Support team and have them take a look if you do not wish to give any information here. Kindest Regards, Scott M