Cannot access website with VPN connection

  • Answered
Website refuses connection when using my usenet vpn connection. Why?

Sorry to hear that you're having problems with connecting with your website. I was able to access the website through my own VPN, so I don't believe that the server is refusing that type of connection. Are you able to access other websites from your VPN connection? The VPN is typically used so that you have direct and secure connection to network. If it doesn't allow you have general access to the internet, then it will not connect to the website. I also checked the logs for any errors, but I'm not seeing any connection errors.

Your website is accessible through the internet. I am able to see it without any issues. You may also need to check with your ISP or your VPN settings as to why it's not connecting.

I hope this helps to explain the issue. If you continue to have problems, please provide us more details and we would be happy to investigate the issue further.

Arnel C.