How do I point to inmotion from godaddy

  • Answered
Our current website is hosted by GoDaddy, we have created a new website and it is sitting with Inmotion. We want to point our domain server to Inmotion but leave our email and domain with Godaddy. We pointed to the inmotion servers but lost all emails?
Hello, By pointing your name servers to the InMotion, you can now adjust your DNS records from here to point your mail records to the GoDaddy servers. You will want to modify your MX records to point to the GoDaddy servers. This will allow your email to be worked through them and the website worked through our servers. Additionally, if you would like your mail subdomain to be used through GoDaddy, you will need to change that A record to point to the GoDaddy IP address. Kindest Regards, Scott M