Email at Contact page on website not working.

  • Answered
I have tried from 2 different computers to send myself an email from the contact page on my website and nothing comes through.
Hello Gbolles, Sorry to hear about the email issues. I just tested the email account to make sure it was working. I tested a test email created on the account and also tested the only other email account there by sending it an email from Gmail. Both of my tests worked with no problem. If you are looking for email to come from the form, then you may need to check the settings for the form. You will need to check to see how it is set up to send emails. If you want to make sure it works correctly, set it to use SMTP from the server. Find your email settings by going to How to Find Your Email Settings. The outgoing email settings are what you'll need for the form. As I noted with the email tests, your email account is definitely operational. If you continue to have problems, please describe exactly what you're doing so that we can attempt to the duplicate the issue and investigate it further. Kindest regards, Arnel C.