New MySQL User, How to login to PhpMyAdmin?

  • Answered
I've created a new user illitc5_trav. I only want him to have permission to one table but I cannot seem to login to myphpadmin with this new user. Could you please let me know how this would be possible?
This is something that would only be possible on VPS and dedicated servers. If you are on shared hosting, unfortunately it would not be possible within PHPMyAdmin. To log in specifically as this user, you would need to have PHPMyAdmin installed in a separate location outside of the standard cPanel installation. This can easily be accomplished via Softaculous. One you have a standalone installation of PHPMyAdmin installed, you will need to log in as the root user. If you do not already have root access, you may request root via AMP. Once logged in as root, you will be able to edit user permissions including those specific to tables.