I want to Change the Search Result of DokuWiki

  • Answered
I want the result of search to be displayed as it gets in google search, like some how bold, italic at top with description below written.
Hello, Thanks for the question about changing the search result for DokuWIki. Unfortunately, Dokuwiki is a third-party application. Making the kind of change you want is going to require either a plugin or custom programming. Dokuwiki would somehow have to know when it's been searched in Google. If you're implying that you want the search behavior to change based on Google results, then that's custom programming. If you're saying that you want it to change the way Google does it, then you may want to look at their documentation. Also, there may be plugins that have already been developed to meet your needs. If you can provide more details on what you want to do, then we can do a little more research. Apologies that we can't provide an immediate answer. Kindest regards, Arnel C.