Can you explain more explicitly Moodle parent catagory defaults?

  • Answered
I'm reading your Moodle articles and I don't understand parent catagories. How do I decide which to use and can I change them later?
Hello, and thanks for the question. Did you happen to read over our creating categories in the Moodle question bank article? It covers a Parent category in a bit more depth in that context. By default there is a Default for Front page, and Default for System categories that are Parents. When you select Default for Front Page as the Parent category, that question will only show up on the Home or Front page of your Moodle site. When you select Default for System as the Parent category, that question will be usable in Course Quizes. Otherwise if you're talking about creating or editing categories in Moodle, in this context a Parent category is simply the category you'd be placing other Children categories underneath. So for instance if you had the Parent category of Fruit, and you added a course on apples, bananas, and oranges, you'd add those to the Fruit category to associate them with that topic. Either of these you should be able to edit after the fact if you change your mind, by simply selecting another category. If you were talking about Parent categories in another context then one of these ways, please let us know about your issue with a little more specifics. - Jacob