Moodle 2.5.1 Database error

  • Answered
Our moodle website,, is currently at 2.5.1 and is constantly having the following error ""Error reading from database" upon trying to login.

While we are at times able to enter the moodle site, users are kicked out after 3-5 minutes.

Also, there are times that we get the above error and then when we go back to it asks us to logout.

All of our users our outside of the US in Mexico, but the same errors come up using a US VPN.

These problems started to occur after the intermittent database problems on biz136 was reported and continue to occur for our database.

Thank you for your help in diagnosing and giving the next steps.
Hello Brian, Apologies for the problems with the database. It does appear that there are some lingering load issues on the server that Systems is aware of. These load issues can unfortunately affect database connection to the mysql database for Moodle. The main issue is that the high server load is causing intermittent connection issues. They typical process for this type of thing is that Systems investigates the server and migrates accounts off the server as necessary to help with the load issues - especially if they're consistent. The problem is that this takes a little time. We do understand the impact this is having on our customers and we're working to make sure that it doesn't happen again on this server. Server load varies from website to website, so it's difficult to immediately tell with out some in depth review of the server. The issue will be updated on the Support Center announcement page within the hour. I apologize again for the service interruptions. If you have any comments or suggestions that you wish to convey to management, you can address them to m[email protected]. Kindest regards, Arnel C.