How do I know which files/folders to delete?

  • Answered
Originally, I had a website created using FrontPage and uploaded using FTP in cPanel. I decided to redo my site, but I used Inmotion's Website Builder to design it and republished it.

1) When looking at the list of files and folders in File Manager, I do not want to deleted anything I just created.

2) However, I would like to keep some of the folders that I uploaded when starting my website in 2003. How do access files in a couple of older folders to add to my new pages in Builder, or could I just re-upload those folders in Builder?
Hello siamese987 and thanks for your question. When you are looking at your files on the server either via FTP, or via the cPanel File Manager you should be able to keep tabs of your newly uploaded files by taking a look at the time-stamps. Your older files uploaded with FrontPage should all be dated older from when you originally had uploaded them. If you wanted to keep any files or folders from your previously designed site in FrontPage, you could simply keep them on the server. For instance if you had a folder uploaded called /about, people would be able to access those files by simply typing in your domain followed by that folder, so If you wanted to include links to this content from the site you created with the Premium Web Builder, then you can follow our guide on how to add links to your pages in the Builder, which covers setting up links to external content that you didn't create within the Builder itself. If you are worried at all about possibly deleting the wrong files, I might suggest doing a full cPanel website backup so that you have a local copy of all your files that you can always re-upload to the server in the event you remove something you wanted by accident. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob