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Just making sure I can get what I'm looking for before I sign up for the Business Class Power Account.

I require MYISAM & InnoDB and PHP 5.2.

Am I able to choose MYISAM for specific databases or tables and InnoDB for others? Is it one or the other or can it be customized based on what you're using it for?

Same goes for PHP - can I choose which version and is it account wide or can I customize to suite my needs.

From what I'm reading InnoDB engines can be resource hogs - how to you handle this? Does it run well/efficient?

Thanks inmotion!


P.S. Oh yeah - I'll also be transferring a 3rd party SSL certificate. If I've done my research correctly - I need a dedicated IP and you charge for the install correct? And you can give just one of my 6 websites their own dedicated IPs right?
Hello macmike78! You can get a business plan server with those specs. You can contact sales 1-888-321-4678 ext1 or chat with them to have them put you and a specific server that has your specific specs. Best Regards, James R
Hello Mike, The servers us MyISAM by default, but you may change the setting for individual tables via the phpMyAdmin. You do have the ability to switch php versions for your account. This ability is available within the cPanel. As for the SSL, dedicated IP is required and installed by us. The dedicated IP applies to an entire cPanel. Best Regards, Scott M