MySQL Memory Usage Remaining High

  • Answered
Hello team,

Mysql memory usage remaining high on idle connections. I am using Top to monitor MySQLD memory usage remain very high even when the website is offline with no background script running.

I am on a VSP server and notice MySQL took over 400MB to run. It caused Joomla! yield internal server error because of the lack of memory.

* how can I get a copy of the MySQL log for review?
* I am using phpMyAdmin for analysis, it provide some hints / tips for mySQL configuration to improve performance, how can I go by implementing them?
* Base on our observation, look like there are some kind of memory leak issue on MySQL and not releasing the memory after the query is done. Any suggestion how we can troubleshoot the issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hello CanopyValley! Thank you for your question about Mysql memory usage remaining high. You can get a copy of your logs by contacting Live Support. Out Second support tier can run them and save them to your home directory. If you have root access you can access them here using shell. /var/lib/mysql/hostname.err It depends an what you need changed on ho you go about changing the settings. Some settings can be changed in your WHM and others require shell access with root. Any change you do need done can be done by our support for you. Excessive MySQL activity Best Regards, James R