Why do my websites fail to load at least once a day?

  • Answered

This has been happening for some time now.

I host multiple sites with you, e.g. camforex.com, forexpipmagnet.com and printquote.co.nz.

It seems every day one or more of my sites falls over and fails to load for about 10-20 minutes. Both camforex.com and printquote.co.nz are currently offline due to hosting on your end. They went offline at about 7:20pm NZT.

I'm currently wondering if it's worth going back to Godaddy where my sites were always live and never go offline. I came here because I had heard good things but it's now getting frustrating.

Can you please look into it and ideally fix?

My account is [email protected].

Hello camhawk, We are certainly willing to help identify any issues with connection to your site. However, there can be many internal and external causes. To begin, we would need to evaluate full ping and trace reports for the issue. When you are experiencing any downtime or latency on the site, please follow the instructions from the link below during the time of the issue send in the results, along with any details, to [email protected]. This will supply us with data we can use to help pinpoint the cause of the latency. Sometimes a server can be latent or even go down temporarily due to heavy load, but there are just as many times that the issue lies within the network of servers and lines that lie between a client computer and the server, even if other sites seem fine. This test helps us to find and identify where this may be. We certainly do not want your site down any more than you do and out goal is to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Ping and Trace test Best Regards, Scott M