Backup Your Website

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I am very confusing as there is a difference between backups and backup wizard icon under Files section. As what I know, I can restore my entire site by using backups icon, but for backup wizard icons, I cannot restore as I need the support staff to help. In other words, if I want to do a large amounts of backup, I will prefer using backups icon to do backup separately . Please advise.


Thank you for your question wendyteng!

We run offsite backups of your server. You can also run your own backups; however, the backup wizard will stop backing up files after 3 gigs.

You may want to export your databases manually with PhpMyAdmin and download your files on your server using FTP. That way you have a copy of your website with ftp on your local computer and won't use the disk space on your account to store backups.

Unfortunately, the backup Wizard will backup the files, however, the backup will need to be restored by tech support. Otherwise you will need to manually go through the backup files and restore them to the correct location.

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James R